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Digital Board

A contemporary digital technology for any classroom and meeting room.

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Regular LED or LCD TVs
and Smart TVs

are both suitable for use as digital signage screens.

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Increase retention and brand

recall rates by using adaptable content

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Engage and interact
with consumers

Through Digital displays

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Create your message with Digital Signage TV

As the popularity and success of digital rises, more and more business of all sizes is adding digital solutions to their marketing and brand strategy. Discover how to enhance the customer experience and uniquely engage customer with Interactive Signage Display. Our team are dedicated to help chain stores connect with customers in exceptionally innovative ways, add to the aesthetic appeal of the store and create visually stunning and fully customizable environments.


Why Digital Signature Display really important for your business ?

Change Displayed Media Quickly and Easily

With digital signages, you can change the media and content they display in seconds! It doesn’t matter how many signages you have or where they are placed – whether across the provinces or the entire country, you can announce the upcoming sale, promotion, your new amazing products, and any other ad in a moment. These signages allow you the flexibility to change the displayed media of all signages at once.

Displayed Media Can Be Changed Automatically

Don’t have to carry out the changes manually! Using a rule-based software, you can program the displays to change throughout a specific period, offering you the most convenient experience. The rule-based software can also determine which media and content will be displayed on different signages. So, for example, there can be three signages in one retail shop, yet each displays different ads.

Double Life-Time of Screen Display.

Maintain longer lifecycles with consistent industrial design, enabling a cleaner more consistent deployment.

Screen Brightness and Sunlight Display

Is the sun bothering you by shining on your TV? Unfortunately, the consumer TV’s are hard to read when the sun is beaming right at it. Believe it or not, but the signage displays are not affected by the sunlight. The content will always be perfectly visible, which is great for when the display gets placed in a shop window or in a store with bright lights. The signage display is created to transfer the message, despite the conditions.

Signage TV Products Lines

Understand more about Signage TV Products Lines

Video Wall

This digital advertising display solution from will surely catch people’s attention!
Video Wall solutions are equipped with high picture quality and performance, ideal for advertisements, information, and broadcast video. Video Walls are nearly seamless, making every media display very engaging, realistic, and captivating! These signages offer high resolution, the perfect brightness, and real-time.

Interactive Digital Display Board

Digital Display Boards deliver a new, advanced level of presentation. with versatile connectivity, intelligent software and intuitive features, interactive introduce the future of presentation board. Present and inspire, whether audiences are in room or at home. Introducing Interactive Digital Board, the premium interactive display that brings inspired ideas & experience to life. With intuitive writing, comprehensive connectivity, smart solutions, and brilliant hardware, Interactive Digital Board provide both presenters and audiences with boundless resources and great flexibility to make collaborative sharing shine.

Standard Signages

Standard digital signages are simple, chic, and elegant, maximizing your business opportunities like never before! it is high resolution for Signage Premium Display, which produces resolution and picture quality not seen before in any other regular displays.
These signages offer the most sought-after performance by reaching many potential buyers and visitors and converting them into customers. As for the Standard Essential digital advertising display, it is designed to fit perfectly into narrow spaces, so it markets and advertises your products in hallways, entrances, and nearby doors.

Special Signages

Special Signages are designed for the commercial environment and commercial purposes, and they feature the following:

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Retail digital signage delivers real-to-life, eye-catching picture quality and a redefined in-store experience to cut through the clutter and capture the attention of shoppers.

Retail Signage

Retail digital signage delivers real-to-life, eye-catching picture quality and a redefined in-store experience to cut through the clutter and capture the attention of shoppers.

Retail Signage